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Faction: Sorcerer KingsCompany of Thorns
Company: Henchmen
Age: Unknown

Lore[edit | edit source]

As a Henchman, Soha can be a part of the Company of Thorns as well as any future Companies of the Sorcerer Kings.

Soha was born in the southern realms of the Free People, in a peaceful village of hunter-gatherers. She was a child who displayed a deep affection for a few elected family members, and liked to care for other kids. Her father had skillfully taught her to hunt and no one was their equal at catching game. The girl even had a reputation in nearby towns. Her village led a calm life, enjoying the bounties of earth and avoiding the massacres of war – until one fateful day. On the morning of Soha’s ninth birthday, a pack of Free People mercenaries showed up at the village. They were looking for the murderer of their previous leader, a man whose description perfectly matched the best hunter of the village: Soha’s father. The villagers vouched for the man’s innocence and tried to drive the soldiers away, but the weak discipline that restrained the warriors broke quickly. They went berserk. As rampage begun, Soha’s father pulled the girl out of sight and slapped her with all his might. He stabbed himself and smeared his blood on the unconscious girl, before gently laying her on the floor and falling at her side, dead. The slaughter was fast and merciless. The mercenaries burnt some houses and left the village to rot. They didn’t care to inspect the bloodied body of a little girl… Soha was taken in by Marissa, a woman who came to search the village for survivors. Marissa took the child to the east, in a monastery inhabited by the Sisters of Sorrow. The Sisters of Sorrow were human mercenaries, all women, that took in orphans to shape them into perfect assassins. Soha became their best student, driven by a need for vengeance that sharpened her temper and her abilities. She was undemonstrative but had a sincere love for Marissa and the other sisters. In compliance with the sisterhood’s tradition, she hunted alongside other trainees. However, she hated doing so: a creeping fear of losing them always gnawed at her. Soha soon learned that the sisters didn’t build their reputation on their sole physical strengths. Being human, the women had an art of crafting manasteel that allowed them to create war masks. These were forged and reforged in order for each new sister to have her own artifact. When a sister came of age, she would receive a mask during a ceremony where the item revealed its properties to her. When Soha got her mask, it granted her a wish. She gained the ability to create doubles of herself, shadow clones that could fight at her side and be the allies she was supposed to bring during each mission. After days of debate, the sisters yielded and allowed Soha to hunt alone. Since then, Soha has become the most renowned sister and gained the nickname of Blade of Sorrow. She never accepts missions issued by the Free People, and contemplates her revenge with a growing anguish. Should she wash the regrets of her family in blood and risk exposing her sisters to retribution, or forget her past and focus on protecting what became important in the present?