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Faction: Free People
Company: Company of the Storms
Age: Unknown

Lore[edit | edit source]

Son of the Wind and a wolf, Onosani is a fabulous and ancient beast. Long ago, he lost a battle to a Sorcerer Kings and still bears the price of his defeat - the soul of his enemy lurks within him and can seize his mind at any given moment.

Onosani’s story begins thousands of years ago, at the outbreak of the Great War, when mana sources had just started to wilt and gods still lived on Thasys. The gods of Thasys were created from sheer mana and elemental forces: they were the earth, the fire, the wind… They could talk and think, and their powers were tremendous. When the Dragons left Thasys and mana started to disappear, the gods foresaw their end and knew that no amount of power could save them. Most of the gods decided to embrace death. Some chose to fight in the Great War. And one of them, the spirit inhabiting the frozen winds of the northern seas, decided he would leave a legacy. The god of wind found the most mighty she-wolf of Thasys and bestowed life upon her, having her bear his child. He named his son after the word Dragons used to describe the storms of the seashore: Onosani. As a half-god, Onosani was avoided by the other animals and rejected by the wolves of his pack. His father dissolved into nothingness when he was just a cub, so the only knowledge of gods he had came from his mother. Prideful and wild, he decided to leave his pack as soon as he reached adulthood. He traveled north in hope to find beings of divine nature. His journey taught him that he wouldn’t age anymore, that death fled him… and that he was the only one of his kind. He took part into the Great War and sided with the warlocks that would later shape the Faction of the Sorcerer Kings. He lost himself into endless and raging battles. Centuries, then millenaries, passed by. When the Great War ended, Onosani joined the army of a wealthy group of Sorcerer Kings, the Kal. His will and power were soon noticed by the two brothers leading the family. They fought side by side with the wolf, and, slowly, Onosani befriended them. The older brother, Amar Kal, was a strong man who had the responsibility of prolonging the Kal bloodline. He had fathered four sons that had more respect for their uncle than for their own father – he was too enthralled by the powers of the half-god to notice other living beings around him. The younger brother, Salva Kal, quickly decided the wolf was his best friend. With years passing by, the two of them grew to be inseparable and a fantastic pair on the battlefield. Onosani started to live within the family, letting the Kal children pet him and the two brothers try to decipher his powers. Decades after, a rumor reached Onosani: a god had been seen near the littoral! He rushed to the place, but no god was there – instead, Amar Kal was waiting for him, filled with bloodthirst. They fought for an entire day, each deploying the integrality of his powers to subdue the other. When the sun set, Onosani finally had his teeth on the neck of Amar. The man begged for his life and told the wolf that the gods had spoken with him and asked him to gauge the wolf during all these years. For a brief second, Onosani hesitated, and his opponent seized the occasion. The Sorcerer King summoned his power and projected his soul into Onosani’s body, crushing the spirit of the wolf. He created a jewel on the forehead of the half-god, and hid the wolf’s soul in it to keep the body alive. Amar proudly came back to Dis with the prize he had been expecting: the body of a god. However, when he showed his new appearance to his brother, Salva called madness and tried to force him out of Onosani’s body. Amar fought his brother and killed him, before running away from the city.