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Faction: Legends And Bosses
Company: N/A
Age: N/A

Lore[edit | edit source]

Crag is a tiny Gerlin fighter mounted on a huge warbeast. He was banished by his people for the prideful murder of his master, thus becoming the enemy of every Gerlin. His size disguises an impressive ability to fight, and he has a strict honor code despite his deep lust for killing.

Despite being a Meagerlin, Crag was born with an innate sense of fighting. He was trained by Largerlins to the art of combat and his swift intelligence quickly created jealousies. Crag was challenged by the young chief of his tribe and tried to force himself to lose – but when he saw the fool running towards his lance, he let him impale himself on his weapon. In the eyes of Crag, such a chief did not deserve to live. For spilling the blood of a leader, he was banned and declared an enemy of all gerlins. He’s now drifting aimlessly across the land on his loyal warbeast, seeking an opponent worthy enough to die against him.